Baked Apples, a Family Classic – Mealtime Monday

Published by grubwife

These baked apples are sure to warm your home and your heart.

Growing up I can remember my mom in the kitchen telling us that dinner was ready. As we would come down the stairs the smell of cinnamon and apples would put a smile on all of our faces. It was then that we knew mom had made baked apples. She made a version that was cooked in the microwave making this mom-friendly version a regular in our house. Although she doesn’t make them as often anymore, every now and again she’ll surprise us and as soon as we walk through the door of her house we know baked apples are waiting for us. It’s a dish like this that makes me feel like a kid again and brings back so many childhood memories.

This version of baked apples is reminiscent of two dishes I grew up eating, baked apples and apple crisp. Both of which are dishes that I will never get tired of and dishes that are sure to be continued. Over the years I’ve tried to put my own spin on these family classics. This recipe is a balance between the classic baked apples and the decadent apple crisp I grew up with.

Here’s my twist on a classic family favorite Baked Apples