A Clean Microwave In Just 5 minutes – Seriously!

Published by Recently Empty Nested

Clean microwave

Your life just got a whole lot easier! Get a clean microwave in just 5 minutes! No more scrubbing or picking at glued on gunk.

The microwave-that petri dish of splattered leftovers, seldom cleaned because the door is shut and it goes unnoticed until someone uses it again. So gross! Well no longer! Here is what you do to have a clean microwave in just 5 minutes:

Dirty microwave

Take a good look at the baked on yuck so you can be really awed when it wipes right out!

mug in microwave

Fill a microwave safe coffee mug with water and place it in the microwave. Heat for 1 minute and let stand in the microwave for 3 minutes more. The steam will loosen the gunk, making it easy to wipe out.

clean microwave

With a clean, damp cloth everything wipes right out, no scrubbing required.

Clean microwave

Shiny, clean microwave in just 5 minutes

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