The Family Celebration Plate, Instructions Included

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Various celebration plates

A Celebration Plate is a fun way to recognize family member’s special moments. Making a Celebration Plate is quite simple. Included in this post are directions for making one of your own.

About the Celebration Plate Tradition:

I have always loved the tradition of a special dinner plate that is brought out at special times, to recognize a family member for an achievement or noteworthy behavior. A Celebration Plate encompasses everything I love about being a family – Tradition, encouraging and supporting one another, having fun together, loving each other, building strong relationships and of course, family mealtime.

Is there a better time to say “Hey, you did a great job”, or “We’re all so proud of you”, than while we are all gathered at the table for a meal together?

You can use your celebration plate for any occasion; a birthday, job promotion, welcome home after a trip away, receiving a driver’s license, or being awarded student of the month.

Imagine the smile on the face of the child who comes to the family dinner table and sees the special plate in their spot. Maybe it was a great grade on a test they studied really hard for, or reading to a younger sibling while you made dinner, getting a part in the school play or winning the spelling bee. There are so many things to be celebrated in our families, a celebration plate is a fun way to do that. Anything that is cause for celebration or recognition is a good reason to set out the plate.

Our family was late in starting this tradition and my dear daughter-in-law, knowing I had always loved it, got me the special plate we use at our table. Our children were mostly grown, but the plate has still seen it’s share of special occasions – my husbands promotion, our son’s acceptance into a school he really wanted to attend, and numerous birthdays, to name a few. I look forward to getting it out when children return home from college or an engagement or new baby is announced-what a fun tradition the Celebration plate can be!

Celebration Plate Instructions:

Celebration Plate-Celebrate

These instructions are specifically for the “Celebrate” plate in black and gold, but you can use the basics and come up with your own design if you like.


galss plate and painting supplies for painting on glass plate
  • Clear, glass plate – I got mine at Walmart, $1.50 for the round dinner plate. They also had a square plate for $2.00.
  • 1 pair soft gloves – For handling the glass plate, to avoid finger prints.
  • Craft paint – I used *DecoArt Dazzling Metallic in Glorious Gold and Americana Chalky Finish for glass in #ADCG07.
  • Clear gloss spray enamel – I used *Krylon Clear finish, gloss. (If you use a Matte spray you will get a frosted glass look, which might be cool.
  • paints used for painting on glass plate
  • Paint brushes of various sizes – It is important to get good quality brushes so that loose bristles don’t mess up your details when painting. You only need a couple. For this plate I used a ¼ inch and a #5.
  • paint brushes
  • 1 piece of 8.5’ x 11” transparent paper – You can find this where you buy scrap-booking paper.
  • 1 pencil with a new eraser at the tip, for making the small dots.
  • 1 dry rag – If you make a mistake the wet paint is easily wiped from the plate with a dry cloth.


  1. Remove any price tags or decals from the plate. If it is difficult, heat tag with a blow dryer and it should peel of easily.
  2. Wash plate in warm soapy water and dry completely.
  3. Cover your work area in something to protect your surface from accidental spills or drips. I used wax paper.
  4. Gather your supplies.
  5. Select font and print “Celebrate” onto the transparent paper. I used French Script and set the size to 150.
  6. Put on the gloves.
  7. Turn plate upside down. You will be painting on the back of the plate. This allows it to be eaten on and hand washed.
  8. Place the large black dots first. Place them randomly around the perimeter of the plate, and a couple in the center. You may choose to add the small black dots at this time too, it really doesn’t matter. The chalk paint dries pretty fast, within a couple of minutes. You will likely need to go over the dots again, as painting on glass usually requires more than one coat.
  9. Dots painted on glass plate
  10. When dots are dry, turn the plate right side up and place your font in the center of the plate, securing it with a couple pieces of tape.
  11. Glass plate- Celebrate
  12. Turn the plate upside down and begin tracing the font with black paint and your small paint brush. If you find the #5 is too difficult to guide, change to a smaller brush. If you do not follow it exactly, do not worry, it is only a guide. Again, you can expect to go over it again to fill in the image, it will likely be thin in places. You will be able to see these places once the paint is dry.
  13. Painting on a glass plate
  14. While the font is drying you can begin applying the gold paint using the ¼ inch brush. Start at the inside edge of the perimeter portion of the plate and pull paint right off the outer edge of the plate. Make the stripes any width you wish and space them as you like. Paint right over any of the black spots in your way. These will show on the front on top of the gold.
  15. Glass plate painted gold
  16. Apply a couple of large gold dots to the center area of the plate and small gold dots around the perimeter.
  17. Add more gold paint to stripes and dots as necessary. I did 3 coats on the stripes.
  18. When all paint is completely dry, turn it over and remove the font guide.
  19. Check to see if there are any areas that need to be readdressed, and do so.
  20. The final step is to apply 2 very thin coats of clear spray to the back of the plate. Hold the can at least 12” away, you do not want runs. This will protect your artwork and allow the plate to be washed by hand. PLACING IN DISHWASHER IS NOT RECOMMENDED.
Celebration Plate-Celebrate

I hope you enjoy the Celebration Plate as much as we do! We would love to see what you create, feel free to send us a picture in the comments!

Celenbration Plate - Yay You!Celebratio plate - Nicely Done