Mealtime Monday: Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

♫♪It’s Monday, Monday, talking’ ’bout food on a Monday!♪♫

Let me first start by saying thank you to Rebecca Black for writing a song that I can literally put any words to. It works fantastic with my song about Monday’s!

For Mealtime Monday today, we are talking Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese. YUM!! white bowl, mac and cheese, bacon, trayNow let me start by saying the Jeff and I have been pretty over this whole adulting thing lately. (As a side note, everyone that knows me already knows this, but I tend to make up a lot of words. So in case you haven’t heard me refer to the term adulting yet, adulting is the actions of being an adult– providing for one or more people, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, etc. The things that make you an adult.) All the bills, unforeseen home repairs, car repairs, etc. etc. So one way that Jeff and I have learned to cope with adulting is making “kid food”.

The first time we did this was with Star Wars mac and cheese. I brought it home from the store and Jeff just laughed at me. But he thoroughly enjoyed it! Other times we have done Dino-nuggets, grilled cheese, and yes, even Mickey Mouse Pancakes. Since beginning our lifestyle change journey, I have been making a special effort to cook meals at home. Even if they aren’t the healthiest choice, it is still better than fast food and take out.

We just had one of these “I’m so over adulting” weeks that I decided to go back to one of our favorite “kid” meals– mac and cheese. Only this time I made it from scratch and “adultified” it by adding bacon. It was uber creamy and oh so delicious. So whether you are needing a break from adulting, or you just love Mac and Cheese, give this recipe a try. You’re tastebuds will love you forever. Enjoy!