Tasty Cheese Fondue – Mealtime Monday

Published by grubwife

Cheese, please! Mealtime Monday this week is a final ode to cheese with a tasty cheese fondue that is sure to bring the whole family together.

Cheese Fondue Recipe

My first experience with fondue was when I was around 12 years old, still living in Colorado. My mother loved to entertain and fondue was a friend and family favorite for her gatherings. We would have several pots with varying options such as oil, broth, chocolate and (my favorite) cheese!! I think one of the great things about fondue and why she loves it for entertaining is that so much of the meal can be done ahead of time. This makes it perfect for Mealtime Monday.

Another great thing about fondue is that there is something for everyone. It can be an easy way to get those picky eaters to eat their veggies. I mean, who could possibly deny something dipped in a bubbly pot of cheese?! Definitely not me. It’s also fun for everyone to gather around the table or island in the kitchen. If you are like my husband and I you won’t be able to wait long enough to get everything on the table before diving in.

When picking out the cheeses for your fondue, there is one important thing to remember. While you may love a good kitchen shortcut (and rightfully so), do not pick a cheese that is already shredded. Those cheeses that you see in the market have stabilizers added to them and you will not be able to get the ideal fondue texture. Next, choose cheeses that your family will love. While it’s hard to find a cheese that I don’t crave, there are certain cheeses that have a strong flavor that may not please everyone.

Just like the cheese, choosing a liquid to melt the cheese in to for your fondue is equally important. You want to choose something that has a complimentary flavor but is mild enough to not overwhelm the flavor of the cheese. Some options that I’ve found to be winners include beer, wine, broth or milk. But again, it’s important to choose a flavor that matches the crowd you’re serving. I know that growing up I really didn’t care for the taste of wine and would be saddened when I saw my mom cooking with it. While the alcohol does cook out, I just didn’t care for the flavor. If you and your family are similar, I would recommend using chicken broth instead.

The most important thing to remember about fondue is to have fun! This is a great meal that brings everyone around the fondue pot and helps to spark conversation. Let your imagine go wild with what fun dippers you’ll have and what sorts of combinations you can come up with.