Cheese Ball Recipe, Easy and Delicious – Mealtime Monday

Published by Recently Empty Nested

cheese ball served

Blended cheddar and cream cheeses, a few select spices and a hint of smokey flavor makes this cheese ball perfect for any occasion. Set out on game day with the chips and dips or dressed up for the holidays, you are going to love this cheese ball recipe, especially after you see how fast and easy it is!

In our family no special get-together is complete without my daughter’s cheese ball.

Whether its snacks on New Years Eve, hors d’oeuvres before Thanksgiving dinner, brunch or Super Bowl Sunday, if the family is together you will find my daughter’s cheese ball there-for awhile, until it is devoured.

The family is getting so big now I am going to have to start asking her to make two!

A little history: I think my youngest daughter was about 10 years old the year she first made the cheese ball. It was Thanksgiving and she asked, as she always did, to help in the kitchen. Her older sister had already started the ham rolls without her, upsetting her quite a bit – sisters! Since I didn’t really have anything left for her to make, I asked her if she would like to make a cheese ball. (I hadn’t planned to have a cheese ball but thought it was something she could do.) She agreed. I didn’t have a cheese ball recipe so I went off the top of my head, my daughter adding the ingredients as I rattled them off – ” a pinch of that, a drip of this…” No real measuring. The cheese ball turned out wonderful! The family raved and my youngest daughter beamed every time she was given credit for making the cheese ball! Every year after that she has made the cheese ball. She has, over time, tweaked the recipe here and there to perfect it, and measured the ingredients, until we have an actual family cheese ball recipe, affectionately known as “Bean’s Cheese Ball”. I hope you enjoy it!