Thanksgiving Dinner – Making Mealtime Happen

Published by Recently Empty Nested

The turkey takes center stage in Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner-free internet image

At Kitchola we love Thanksgiving for many reasons, but mostly because it is the ultimate family mealtime. Rich with family tradition, from the activities we plan to the food we eat, and even who prepares it, Thanksgiving dinner brings families around the table like no other holiday.

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or going somewhere else, cooking for a few or many, now is the time to start planning. Preparing the food will have to wait a few more weeks but there are many things you can do now to help make your Thanksgiving dinner the stress-free hit we all desire.

  • Make your guest list:
  • This can be a formal invitation of the snail mail kind, an e-mail or a phone call. Let all guests know well ahead of time-as in now-when and where you are planning dinner and any additional activities they are invited to participate in – a friendly pre-dinner touch football game, appetizers or any other such thing. If you would like them to bring anything now is the time to ask them.

  • Consider your seating:
  • This step is important. You need to consider how many you need seating for, will there be small children there? If you need to purchase/borrow/rent folding tables and chairs now is the time to make those arrangements.

  • Plan the menu:
  • Grocery stores are running their holiday ads now and by knowing your menu well in advance you can save lots of money watching the ads and buying items on sale. Refer to your guest list when deciding how much you will need of each menu item.

  • Check your serving dishes and tableware:
  • It might sound like overkill, but whenever I am in charge of a large meal, such as Thanksgiving Dinner, I write down which serving dish I will use next to each item on my menu. It’s a little thing, but when it comes time for service I don’t have to think about it, or worse, discover I don’t have what I need. Count your plates, glasses and silverware to be sure you have enough. If you do not have enough of one kind, mix and match. The more randomly you mix it up the more intentional it looks.

  • Work out any fine details:
  • Will you have a centerpiece? Do you have table linens? Now is the time to decide on and prepare the “fluff” – those finishing touches that your guests will appreciate and admire while telling you that you really went the extra mile, and they would have never done so much. (We know they would have.) Make them, buy them or dig them out of storage.

Hopefully that helps. Check in with Kitchola regularly this month as we will be sharing many more ways to make your Thanksgiving dinner memorable and your holidays less stressful.