Green Pasta With A Kick, Quick and Easy Recipe – Mealtime Monday

Published by Table for One

Fast, Easy Green Pasta with a kick provided by jalapeno peppers.s.

This creamy, green pasta is a childhood favorite, one that I now prepare for my own family. It is quick, easy and delicious!

Growing up in Florida, one of my favorite childhood dishes was this “Green Pasta” that my Mexican grandmother always made. I asked for it every week when we got to her house for Sunday dinner. Eventually, for me the dish went from a delightful favorite treat to a necessity – and Grandma didn’t disappoint! My mother,who married into the Mexican family (lucky for her) ended up learning how to make it, along with many other Mexican dishes (lucky for me).

Since our family moved to Las Vegas in 2008, the wonderful Green Pasta has only been seen during special occasions, and nowhere near as frequent. The last time we had it was during Thanksgiving last year, so my helping of seconds was long overdue.

It was only recently when my mom told me that she was going to make Green Pasta for dinner that I wondered if it was hard to make. On the spot she gave me the recipe and explained how to make it as I jotted it all down. That evening I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work and picked up everything I needed. Once home I went to work (in the kitchen, that is). After realizing I had to be at a meeting in an hour, rushing to get the ingredients together, and a 20 minute FaceTime session with my mom who provided friendly reassurance while I cooked, I took a look at what I had done and marveled at the fact that I had pulled it off! I prepared it, cooked it, and served dinner for my husband all in under an hour… and it tasted just as I remembered it.