Dealing With Uninvited Guests – Making Mealtime Happen

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Ants are uninvited guests at mealtime

Pesty technology interfering with family mealtime? J/K around and LOL with your family IRL sound 2G2BT? *Translation: Just kidding around and laughing out loud with your family in real life sound too good to be true? Enjoy our tips for eliminating the buzzing, dinging and other electronic pests at your table in this installment of Making Mealtime Happen.

Getting the full benefit of family mealtime requires that we be more than just butts in a chair. It is about time together emotionally as well as physically. Stowing our personal devices such as cell phones and tablets during mealtime allows us to engage with each other. I understand this can be difficult, especially if up until now we have allowed it. Change is good, however, and in this case worth the effort. The following are some tips you might try to keep uninvited guests at bay.

*Place all cell phones and/or tablets in the middle of the table and the first one to pick his/hers up, even to check the time, does the dishes.

*Make a deal with family members that if they choose to have their phones at the table all calls they choose to answer must be on speaker and all texts must be read aloud. The same goes for e-mails. I don’t know too many people who will takes that deal. If they do, hold them to it, it might be their device, but I am betting you pay(ed) for it. It might even be fun!

*Give a 10-15 minute warning prior to mealtime to give people a chance to finish up their games or get to a stopping point.

*Hit pause. Children of all ages are familiar with this term. Do not insist that they turn it off, hitting pause until after mealtime is sufficient.

*Call it “recharging time”. Set up a charging station somewhere nearby so that family members can recharge their personal devices while recharging their bodies with sustenance.

We don’t get much time together as it is, we should not let anything distract from the little time we do get. The friendships and bonds built between family members around the family table are priceless and no meme, no inbox and no virtual gold can buy it. I hope you will find a tip or two useful, or share your ideas in the comment section. We can do this!

2DLoo! *Translation: Toodle oo!