Quick Glitz and Glam Party

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So today I decided to #flashbackfriday to the middle of July. If you know me, then you know that I love the glitz and the glam. In addition to the glitter (and sprinkles) I love planning parties and using all my glitz and glam. My beautiful older sister turned 28 last month and naturally, this being the first birthday I have gotten to spend with her in who knows how many years, I HAD to throw her a party. Little insight for you, I am terrible at saying no, and always try to fit way too much on my plate… I think it is actually a family curse considering my mom and sister are the same way. So I decided to host her party… after an insanely quick trip to Vegas for some pre-wedding things with my cute little brother and my awesome soon-to-be sister-in-law.

girl and boy laughing and walking

Aren’t they cute?!

By insanely I mean leaving Cincinnati (after a 2 hour delay) at about 11 o’clock on Friday night and then returning to Cincinnati on a 10’clock flight saturday night(arrival time of 7:30 A.M.). See, insanely quick, but well worth it. I was happy to be there. Anyhow, my sisters birthday was Sunday. By the time I got home from the airport, got a few hours of ZzZz’s, I had approximately 3 hours before the party I had said I would host and almost nothing done. Luckily my wonderful husband started the meat marinating before I even got home from Vegas (he is so wonderful!) so that was out of the way. But I still had to transform my messy house into some sort of a party house suitable for the 28 year olds special day. I busted out the cleaning first, leaving me with about 2 hours before the party. I then quickly made a simple vanilla cake, and got to work on the rest. I had picked up some roses on Friday before I headed out of town to use with the set up so I knew I would be using those. But what else? I grabbed my glitter and glue and began creating.

quick dry adhesive and gold glitter

I took plain ol’ store bought number candles, and transformed them into these glitzy and fun candles. Just fill in the grooves with some all purpose glue, sprinkle your glitter overtop, and let dry. (Dry times do vary depending on the glue, so keep that in mind.)

gold glitter candels 2 and 8

Next I took two plain paper gift bags, put some hot glue on the corner, sprinkled some multicolored sequins and a little glitter. I then did her initials JB (one on each bag) with the hot glue and sprinkled them with glitter. I kept mine simple, but go to town on them! I don’t think you can ever have too much glitter!

two paper bagspaper bag, gold glitter, colored sequins

Once the bags were dry, I placed most of those beautiful roses I had already purchased (the one thing I planned ahead for) inside the glitz and glammed gift bags (I rubber banded them together to get them just exactly how I wanted).

Roses in paper bag

I strung together a cute little banner (the one I used came in a kit, but they are super easy to make) and hung it above the gift/cake table. I placed the remaining roses around the simple, small cake (only small because we had SO much dessert… we are talking brownies and cheesecake too!).

cake with roses, candles and frostingupward view of the cake table and banner

To finish off the dessert table, I did little mason jars of lemonade with a cute gold polka-dot straw.

cake table, roses, banner, presents

See that cute floral gift there? My nieces and brother-in-law did that for my sister. It was a toy sewing machine with a coupon for a real one! CUTE!

Lemonade in mason jars with polka-dot straws

We put the food on the grill (and in the oven) about 20 minutes before people started arriving. Once people got there, we had a few minutes to converse while the food finished up, and then we sat down and grubbed. This was one quick glitz and glam party. 3 hours from start to finish. I’d say thats pretty good. Not to mention everyone loved it! So, whether you forgot about a birthday, or are like me with too much on your plate, go to town with these fun, quick little glitz and glam party tricks and plan that special day in the blink of an eye. No one will ever know you didn’t spend two weeks planning it either. (Shhh, I won’t tell.)