Quick Fourth of July Planning

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Fourth of July cupcakes on a white cakeplate

It’s one of the biggest weekends of the summer, Fourth of July! You know what that means— lots of family, friends, food and laughs. Take the hassel and stress out of your weekend and enjoy more time with those you love.

Here are some quick tips and recipes that are sure to leave your guests wowed, and keep you out of the kitchen and participating in all of the fun and festivities.

First, choose your menu, don’t overthink it. Here in Cincinnati it has been SUPER rainy, so I decided to keep the cooking in the kitchen (although I do love me a good BBQ). I did a new twist on some fried chicken… kind of. I made chicken rollups that are quick, easy, delicious, and sure to please all. I cooked the chicken in my crockpot while I prepared other things and cleaned up the house. (Multitask early, so your day can be stress free… in fact, if you want it even less stress and less time consuming, just grab one of those rotisserie chickens at your local grocery store.)

Chicken Rollups in a basket with red checked napkin

I picked up a watermelon, always summertime friendly, grabbed my star cookie cutter and viola! Quick and festive summertime side.

Cutting watermelon with white star cookie cutterBlueberries and Star Shaped watermelon

I made some angel food cake cupcakes (from a box mix to save some time) for a delightful dessert. I grabbed one of my frosting bags, put a stripe of blue food coloring down one side of the bah and red food coloring down the other, put my cool whip inside, and swirled it onto the cupcake. Again, quick, festive, and delicious.

Fourth of July cupcakes with red white and blue cool whip

I did some corn on the cobb (boiled the corn first) broiled in the oven with some olive oil, pepper, and a little dash of ranch seasoning.

Corn on the Cob in a white serving bowl

My last little menu detail was to drop some fresh blueberries into some cute bottles filled with Sierra Mist. There are many ways you can jazz that drink up, but this simple delight pleased my crowd.

Fourth of July cupcakes on a white cakeplate

I put my Fourth of July banner up (luckily I kept it from our family reunion 2 years ago), grabbed some cheap flowers at the store, and made some fun signs. I put it all on the table, said our blessing, and it was all gone in minutes. Even better, I was able to share in the laughter around the table, eat my food hot, and I didn’t have to spend the ENTIRE day in the kitchen.

Red, white and blue fabric banner Red, white and blue fabric banner red carnations and baby's breathTwo Blue DaisiesWhite Chalkboard food sign, red flowers, and bowl of chicken rollups with red and white checked napkin

I am grateful for this country and for all of the men and women who have served so that I am able to enjoy the freedoms that I do. Share with us how you spend your holiday, stay safe, and enjoy your family and friends!

Two girls enjoying fourth of July picnic

My freaking adorable Nieces really enjoyed the grub, and I had time to enjoy them too!