3 Ways to Easy Kitchen Cleanup – Making Mealtime Happen, Installment 3

Published by Recently Empty Nested

White stove

If there is one thing that can dissuade me from cooking, it is the inevitable clean-up that follows! Maybe you can relate. I really hate to clean the kitchen, so over the years I have migrated to meals that require very little clean up.

For those of you like me, who would rather clean a dozen toilets than wash a sink full of dirty dishes, here is how I keep the mess to a minimum-my 3 ways to easy kitchen cleanup.

  1. One-dish meals. Goulash in a pan

    These are meals you prepare, cook and serve all from the same pot or pan. Among the obvious soups, stews and chowders, are pasta dishes and stir-fry. One-dish meals are prepared on the stove or in a Crockpot, and the recipes are endless! A few plates or bowls, some silverware, and the single pot you used is all the clean up there will be. You have to admit-that’s not too bad! I LOVE one-dish meals!

  2. Try Aunt Haley’s Chicken Pesto Pasta or our One Pan Goulash! For the crock pot we love this pork tenderloin recipe! Chicken tacos and a yummy ham are sure to please from your crock pot as well!

  3. Make and bake meals. Plate of baked spaghetti and meat sauce with a garlic knot.

    Our mothers and their mothers called them casseroles, and they came in flavors like tuna, beef, and au gratin (cheese). They were often topped with crushed cereal, bread crumbs or something called a dumpling. Though yummy in a nostalgic sort of way, the little casserole served at grandma’s dinner table is all grown up and there are any number of delicious, one-dish meals to make and bake nowadays, including delicious baked spaghetti and enchiladas. Try some of grandma’s if you want, or something new, the outcome is the same. When the tummies are full and the appetite satisfied all you have to do is wash a few plates and forks, maybe a cutting board and knife and your done! I LOVE make and bake meals!

  4. Both great solutions to easy kitchen clean-up, there is only one realistic way to alleviate the need for kitchen cleanup all together, and that is to not mess up the kitchen in the first place! The best way to do that? Don’t use it! I know- it sounds like I am speaking out against everything we at Kitchola say we stand for-family dinner around the table, more cooking at home…but not so fast- the kitchen is not the only place to prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal! And that brings me to #3 on the list…

  5. Grill it! Perfectly Grilled pork chops on a serving dish

    Yep-the trusty barbeque grill!! It doesn’t require a special occasion or carefully planned picnic menu with all of the fixins’ to uncover that bad boy and put it to use! No pots or pans to clean, no spills to mop up and talk about easy! Summer is here and there is no better time to put this theory to the test (though I have been known to grill in the winter time too)! And bonus-your house won’t heat up during those warm months like it does when you use the oven or stove! For basic barbecue recipes I like to use my mother’s time tested,family approved barbecue sauce recipe, delicious on everything from burgers to ribs! I also like to mix up some tasty marinade, pour it over some protein in a Ziploc bag, let it sit in the refrigerator for a ½ an hour or so, then take it outside (hand it off to the hubby) and grill it! I sometimes pour the marinade over frozen meat the night before and it marinates as it thaws in the fridge the next day. One of my very favorite go-to grill recipes is for grilled pork chops. The marinade is heaven! You can cook veggies on the grill too-even baked potatoes and pizza! Foil dinners are a favorite of our family. Traditionally cooked in the coals of an open fire, they work on the grill too, and taste delicious! Watch for scrumptious recipes in upcoming Mealtime Monday posts.

Whatever your menu, when you are through and while the grill is still hot, take 10 seconds and use a grill brush to clean off any charred remnants, then let it cool. Look at that-NO kitchen cleanup! I LOVE grilling!

There you go- 3 easy ways to cook dinner with little to no kitchen cleanup. Clean less, enjoy more!