Baking Made Easy – A Cupboard for All My Sprinkles

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

Super moist Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Organize Baking Supplies For Efficiency and Easy Access

After buying our house and starting to get everything moved into my kitchen, I decided I was going to do it right. Everything has a place, and although the placement of the appliances doesn’t make too much sense, how I set up my kitchen does – it works for me. Because I love baking SO much, I decided to organize baking supplies by keeping all of my baking stuff together. I have a designated section of my kitchen specifically for baking. Take a look.

First I selected the counter space that is the most efficient for all of my baking needs. It makes sense to me to have my mixing bowls, spatulas and all of that kind of stuff in the area I will be using.

Next, to save drawer and cupboard space and add fun to my kitchen, I determined what things would look cute displayed. I picked things with color, things with class, and things that showed my personality, making it fun for me to be in my kitchen.

Though I am not using all of these colors in my kitchen, I just love the color these rubber spatulas add to the space! I put them in a little vase, and viola! An easy pop of color added to the cabinet.

bright colored spatulas as kitchen decor

This is that favorite cake plate you have seen before. I love it SO much, why not display it?

clear glass cake plate

And I couldn’t forget my personalized rolling pin that I got from Eleventh Avenue!

Personalized wooden rolling pin

Finally, I put it all together. I moved things around until I had a set up that I loved, made sense, and was usable. I grouped things together that brings the spunk to my baking.Those cookbooks Recently Empty Nested got me hooked on? Perfect for my baking display!

everything for baking in one cupboard

Here is the final product – my baking cupboard. There is still some room to add to it when I get more favorite things. Its spunky, functional and all usable.

Cute, clever baking cupboard

To make baking even easier I organized the cabinet directly below my baking cupboard with all of my baking related ingredients – flour, sugar, box mixes, etc.

Keep all baking supplies together for ease

See, I use box mixes, too. Sometimes from scratch is not doable for different reasons. I typically keep pretty stocked in case I need to make something quickly and can’t do the whole from scratch thing. You will also notice this cabinet is clearly not perfect and in need of some touch-ups after the cross-country move, but it functions, and let’s be honest, not every cabinet will be perfect in any home. I work in functionality and reality.

Having a kitchen that works for you is obtainable. If you need some more pointers check out Making Your Kitchen Work for You, and if you have some pointers for us, some things that work for you, please share!