Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

A Great, Simple Way to Add Some Color to Your Kitchen This Spring

I have never been the one with the green thumb in my family… in fact I killed my supposedly simple, low maintenance bamboo! I really do admire those that can keep anything green alive. I don’t give up at trying though. I love the colors plants bring to my life, and the simplicity of them. One of my favorite trends right now is growing your own herbs. It’s a very simple way to add luscious green color that brightens up any kitchen. Even better, it goes with every style! Count me in!

My sister recently started some seeds to plant out in the garden. I make a point to mention that they are my sister’s, as she has been known to man chop me from time to time…She planted them before the last big snow storm here in Ohio, so they have been indoors ever since. I love them! I don’t see why she wants or needs to put them outside. There are so many fun, decorative ways to use them right in the kitchen. And when you need some fresh herbs for your recipes, BAM! They are right there. BONUS!

To start your own herb garden, follow these simple steps, keep up with the watering, and watch your little seeds sprout, grow, and become delicious garnishes, boosters, and a visual element in your kitchen.

Go to your local home improvement store, grocery store or nursery.

  1. Grab some good potting soil. The workers are always ready and willing to help you find the right kind.
  2. Choose your herb seeds. You can choose some for cooking, some for visual appeal and some simply for their aromatic scents. Lemon grass and Mint are some yummy smelling ones.
  3. While you’re there, pick up some super cute pots if you like. I personally love these pig pots my sister is using, or simple mason jars always work nicely for me.
Brightly colored ceramic pig herb planters

My sister started her seeds in these cool indoor starting cups. They are meant to move outdoors for planting, but I am going to try to convince her to keep them indoors.

Herb seeds staring indoors

Follow the instructions on the potting soil for best results as all soils tend to be a little different.

Follow these basic directions.

  1. Fill the cups about half way full.
  2. Following the instructions on the seed packet for best results, poke a finger into the soil slightly, making divots in the soil the depth suggested on the seed packet to drop the seeds into. 3. Drop several seeds into the divot according to the instructions on the seed packet, and cover lightly with the soil.
  3. Label the pot according to which herb is planted in it. My sister used simple label dots and toothpicks-worked great!
  4. Herb seed sprouting and type on stake
  5. Give your herbs enough light and water to get them sprouting. Within about 3 days we started to see sprouts.
  6. Herb seeds sprouted
  7. Continue to nurture them into mature plants that you can use to cook and garnish with. Look how crazy this wheat grass took off! It is definitely time to give it a good trim, and make a delicious smoothie.
Wheat grass in a pot
Wheat grass trimmed

See some of my favorite ideas for indoor herb garden and share with us your own! If you have some favorite herbs, questions, or heck, even some good jokes, share them with us! Let’s grow some goodness in our kitchens.