Storing Your Favorite Recipes in the Cloud using Evernote

Published by Recently Empty Nested

This is super easy! All your favorite recipes on your phone or tablet-really any hand-held device! No more cookbooks to store or thumb through. No more wondering which of your many cookbooks contains the recipe you’re looking for! I am no Evernote pro, in fact; I am a newbie. That is what makes this tutorial great! Anyone can do it! You might even find another way to use it you like better — but let’s start with this, shall we? I am going to use my iPhone for this Evernote tutorial, but you can use whatever device you prefer, here we go!


  1. Download the free Evernote app Evernote logo
  2. Create an account and all that jazz
  3. Now you’re ready to create your first note. Select “Notes”. create your first note
  4. Name your note title your note
  5. Click on the green camera icon at the bottom of the screen to open your phones camera. You will need to “allow” Evernote to access your camera. Take a picture of the recipe AND the photo that goes with it. Click the checkmark in the lower right of the bar after taking each photo to indicate you want to keep it.add pictures
  6. Select “Save”
Congratulations! You have saved your first recipe! Easy, right?! You can continue taking pictures at this point or close the app and add more later. select notes To come back later and add a recipe, you simply:
  1. Open up the app
  2. Select “Notebooks”
  3. Select “First Notebook” or whatever title you gave it. notebooks You will see your first “Snapshot”.
  4. Touch the plus symbol to add another recipe.
  5. Follow steps 5 and 6 from above. add pictures Voila! Now you’re cookin’
  6. You can customize your recipe by selecting the @ symbol at the bottom of an image.Tap the @ icon
    edit menu
    You will see this menu pop up. Select the different icons to see what they do.
  7. Adding text is a favorite of mine. Select the “a” icon and a text box pops up. add text
  8. Type whatever you want in the box and select “Done”.text added
  9. Select the icon that looks like a marker to highlight things in your recipe. Position the text box that appears and… highlight a recipe
  10. Highlight and select “Done”. I underlined the ingredient butter because I want to remember that I prefer it to margarine in this recipe.highlighted recipe
Pretty cool, right?! I like to add my recipes as I use them because it only takes and extra 2 minutes and I don’t have an entire afternoon to do all of my favorite recipes at once. If you do, go for it, but whatever you do, stay at it. Your favorite recipes will be in the cloud and at your fingertips in no time! Have fun! I have not received any compensation from Evernote, nor have any connection with them. I just really love the app and thought I’d share what worked for me with all of you!