Spice Up Your Kitchen

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

Some know me as the Queen of Fast Food. I’ve worked in that industry far too long and love me a big, juicy burger that I didn’t have to make. I mean really, who hasn’t walked into the house after a long day and thought “the last thing I want to do right now is spend time in the kitchen making dinner!” If you haven’t, well…I think you might be lying.

But today I want to help us shake that feeling for good. Embrace your inner womanly, wifely (is that a word?) homemaker-y (definitely not a word) desire to provide and care for your family. And LOVE your kitchen! It’s not easy, and it’s taken me some time to figure out what can help me love my kitchen. So today I’m sharing some ideas that work for me. Maybe they’ll help you or maybe they’ll just spark your own ideas. If you have your own ways, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

I’m a spunky girl. And I love taking risks! Well, not like the sky diving kind. More like the wear-polka-dots-with-stripes-and-plaids-whenever-I-want kind. Color and patterns? No problem, especially in my home. When I was barely 20, single, and living on my own, I picked up fast food every night for dinner. Yes, I realize it’s basically a miracle I’m still alive, and that’s a story for another time, but I hated the idea of cooking and spending any amount of time “working” in my kitchen. Then I got married. I knew it was time to learn to love my kitchen so we could start our lives together on a healthy note. Plus I’m no dummy — I know the way to a man’s heart!

Enter my love for color. I knew that to love my kitchen, I had to love what was IN my kitchen. I didn’t do anything expensive or brilliant — I simply thought about what I love and how I could incorporate that in my kitchen. For me, that meant some cute and colorful cookbooks, some colorful thrift store dishes and display items, storage items, etc. Everything has a place, serves a purpose and looks absolutely adorable!

My house is nothing fancy. In fact, for our first house, we moved into a house with old appliances, broken cabinets and a lot of work to be done. But I made the kitchen my first project since it’s the heart of my home. Here are a few simple things I did:

My Solutions

dishes as decorations

Don’t just collect dust on top of the fridge! These cute dishes and tray were a steal from Savers for $4.00! Perfect for taco/pizza/potato bars or for holding side dishes. That yellow indoor Dutch oven was a gift for our wedding. I am still mastering using it (and in Vegas, the house gets really hot using the oven too long), but when I do master it you guys will be the first to know. My glass cake plate and cover balance out all the color and lets me mix timeless class with my funkiness. When not in use, all these items sit pretty on top of my fridge, easily accessible and always making me happy.

colored jars and measuring cups

Get organized! I scored these cute, chalk-label glass jars at TJMaxx (my favorite store in the entire world!!!) to add some color to the dark counter tops and some natural wood items we received for our wedding.

colored serving spoons

Remember functionality! I took the wood utensil holder and added my wire whisks and metal spoons to tie in my chrome mixer and add some industrial look, wooden spoons that don’t add color, but add some charm, and then some of the orange serving spoons and such that I have begun to accumulate to add to the pops of color around. Those colored canisters add to dressing up our old black and white stove. I just keep them full of sugar and Splenda to be easily ac-cessible when baking.

I promise that when I finally get a place and my kitchen is fully set up in Ohio, you’ll get the first look at it.

Bottom line: Think about what you love and put it in your kitchen! Pics of your hubby and kids? Hang ‘em in bright frames! Glam and bling? Hang a glitzy chandelier! For me, it was as simple as adding color and mixing styles to make my kitchen a favorite place to be. Something about bright and fun colors take me from my blah-ready-to-put-my-feet-up mood to energized and ready to create a masterpiece for dinner.

How’ve you made your kitchen your favorite place in the house? Leave us some comments to share your ideas! And promise me, you won’t be afraid to put sprinkles on everything!