Easter Cupcakes – 1 Simple Way to a Yummy and Colorful Easter

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One of my favorite times of the year is springtime. a) I get to decorate Easter eggs and celebrate Easter, and b) the flowers start blooming, the grass begins returning to its luscious green, and the world is full of so many bright and vivid colors. Since we are not yet in our new home yet, thinking about spring decorating, planting, and all that fun stuff – all things I cannot do yet – put me in a bit of a slump. I began reasoning with myself (at moments out loud…) that it could still feel like spring even though I can’t yet plant my flowers and put up my home decor. How you ask? One simple way – baking of course! So I hopped on over (pun intended!!) to my favorite store (yup, you remembered>right, Target) and gathered some cute, inexpensive, springtime things. Some were edible, some not so much.

I went to my trusted vanilla cake recipe  to create some really yummy, super moist, cupcakes. (Follow the same recipe and directions, but bake for 25 minutes and increase in 3 minute intervals from there as all ovens are different.)

Raw Moist Cupcake Batter in cups
Super Moist Cupcakes fully baked in pan

I then whipped up some of my cream cheese frosting, and began to create.

Super moist Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I found some of the coolest edible grass at Target (look in their Easter section), grabbed some jelly beans (Starburst brand are my all time fav), some Easter sprinkles, and some little foam flowers and wooden bunny tags (which are even cuter being that they were in the $1 or $3 spot). My beautiful, amazingly wonderful, older sister (I have to say that or she still tries to beat me up… and because she is reading this) and I went to town. Let your imagination take control. If you think of it, think of ways to do it. I promise, not all of mine worked. In fact a cute little bunny idea I had seen a while back on Pinterest, and some other varieties I had seen in magazines were total fails at first. Even after some re-working one was still a little rough, yet among all the other cupcakes, was a keeper!

Super Moist Cupcake Decorated with Pig Face

Take some of your orange jelly beans, cut a tiny slice off of the top, stick on 3 little shreds of your fun edible grass, and boom— you have a carrot.

Super moist cupcake with a carrot decorated into the top

Remember, variety is great. It brings lots of color and fun to any occasion. Have some fun with this. This alone has made me feel like spring is in the air and lifted me out of my slump.

Variety of Super Moist Cupcakes with Easter Decorations

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. YOUR FREEBIE! YAY! In some of the cupcakes, you see some little signs that have a bunny on them or say Happy Easter, well guess what? They are yours. We want to give back to you for joining us in this Kitchola journey we are taking. However you use them, please share with us. Post in the comment section here on the blog, on Instagram or on Facebook. Have some fun this springtime and stay tuned for more spring fun!


Oh, and remember our article on grouping things together? Look how those glass jars make the perfect backdrop for our easter cupcake centerpiece!

Easter Cupcakes on Display