“Burgers and Fries,” She Cries

Published by Table for One

As the general manager of a restaurant that is only advertised by word-of-mouth, I have a pretty heavy responsibility on my shoulders to make sure my crew and I make the best product out there… especially if our menu focuses on only two things, burgers and fries. That means we have to get these two things right every time if we want our customers to come back! No pressure, right? I spend 55-60 hours of my work week managing systems that revolve around these two simple menu items. You’d think that I’d get sick of it after 3 years. crew working in restaurant Wrong! I am going to be honest with you and admit that my job is actually pretty fun! It seems like it would be redundant and, with the wrong mindset, it is. But I always enjoy a challenge and apply my creativity with different ways to keep the crew (and myself) motivated. I can probably think of at least a handful of common reasons why the general public thinks I should stay away from these two food items… “It’s unhealthy…” “Too greasy…” “You’ll gain weight…” “You always smell like onions…” (Okay — I threw that last one in there as a personal vendetta against the smell it leaves on my clothes…). So let’s be real — how can anybody dislike a good, hearty burger with some melt-in-your-mouth fries? I know my parents sure don’t. It is the American way, after all! I almost thought they were kidding when they asked my boyfriend and me to come over to make burgers and fries for dinner earlier this week.  With a snicker, my puppy, and a good sense of humor, we made our way over and crashed my mom’s kitchen to make them the best burgers and fries they’d ever had. cooking burgers and toasting buns
potatoes soaking in water
Soaking fresh cut potatoes to get the starch out.
Yep, those are fresh, hand-cut potatoes! For you folks at home, it’s important to know that in order to make a firm, golden, melt-in-your-mouth fry, you must soak the potatoes to get the starch out! There is no way I would have known this if it weren’t for my job. I literally applied the prepping and cooking process we use at work to what we were doing in my mom’s kitchen — and voila! It worked and the fries were delicious! homemade hamburgers and fries After getting past the humor of the dinner we were preparing for my parents, I couldn’t help but think about how grateful I was for the chance to be able to cook for them for a change. After 18 years of her cooking for me (which I’m sure was a tedious task after age 12, considering how picky I am with food) it felt really rewarding to be able to return the favor to them and share our own mealtime together. Honestly, I’m relieved they liked it!