A Kitchen Gift from My Daughter

Published by Recently Empty Nested

I just had to share this with all of you! Recently my daughter, Just Add Sprinkles, gave me a gift that is SO ME: A rolling pin for my collection! I didn’t plan to collect any more but this is no ordinary rolling pin — it is different than any of the others I have; this one is NEW! I love it not only for its smooth, wooden surface and gorgeous, natural color, or because if its ability to assist me in making yummy treats for my friends and family in the coming years — but for its sentiment. She had my pen name engraved on it — a daily reminder of why I love this blog and why I do it! (She had one made for each of our authors, I just happen to be the only one of us with a rolling pin collection!) At Kitchola we are striving to bring the family back to the dinner table! If you love this possibility like we do, consider spreading encouragement through gift giving occasions! A new table cloth, some pretty dinner plates or a monogrammed apron might just make someone you love feel more at home in the kitchen! Thank you daughter!