A Few of my Favorite Things

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

Considering that I currently don’t have a kitchen (yes, it IS KILLING me, but good news— we close on our house soon and then I’ll have a kitchen again… and that means LOTS of fun posts!) I have decided that I would bring lots of color into your kitchens. Yay! One of my favorite stores is Target. I am totally the girl you see all of the posts about — walking into Target for something simple and small and walking out with every clearance item I could find and lots of “needs” but forgetting the one thing I went for. It’s for good reason though, Target is AH-MAZ-ZING. They have such a variety of great things — fun, colorful, modern, classy, mellow — there is sure to be something for every style. (You’re welcome.) So here they are:
  1. owl cookie jar from TargetA cookie jar. Grams calls me the cookie monster… I LOVE cookies. I mean, who doesn’t right? Grams always keeps her cookie jar stocked when I am around. And I feel that every kitchen needs one. You don’t even necessarily have to keep it stocked with cookies. It could be pretzels, goldfish, or anything. It is a simple way to add character to your kitchen and it is a classic kitchen staple. I am in love with this one.
  2. cake standA cake stand. With how many cakes I make, a cake stand is a must for me. I just have a simple glass one. It goes with everything. It’s classy, and you can use it for more than just cakes.
  3. colored platesColorful plates. Although I would still love a set of fancy dinnerware, I LOVE my multicolor plates. They bring spunk and lots of fun colors to my kitchen and the meals served on them. I am so excited for my new kitchen because they will be on display through the cabinet windows. Yay! (Disclaimer: my plates are solid colors, but I still think these are super cute and can add a lot of spunk to your kitchen.)
  4. hand towelsCute hand towels. I have hand towels, and then I have cute hand towels. They bring some color and cuteness to my kitchen. Don’t worry, my husband knows he can’t wipe his grimy hands on them. When I have a family, I am sure that is something I will give up on. The good news is that you can still have cute towels and use them. Just make sure you follow the washing instructions.
  5. flowersFlowers. I am a huge fan of fresh, fun, bright flowers. They make any table beautiful, bring sunshine into your home, smell great, and just look beautiful. Not to mention, it is a cheap way to add some extra spunk on days when you feel it is missing. I love gerber daisies in the spring time and baby’s breath (which really doesn’t smell good, but it doesn’t stink either) year round to add (again) class to my spunk.
What are some of your favorite things that your kitchen is not complete without? We love to hear from you! Please leave your thoughts, and favorites in the comments. Together, we’ll add some sprinkles to your kitchen.