6 Sure Signs That You Should Probably Cook More

Published by Table for One

kitchen freezer full of food1. You go grocery shopping about once a month.

Think about it – the one time that you go grocery shopping, it seems awesome and makes you feel pretty good about the fact that you are purchasing food that you will be able to make at home rather than resorting to drive-thru food. It makes you start wanting to create systems in your schedule that allow you to start making your meals at home, and motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle. “I should do this weekly,” you think. Then a month goes by, your cabinets are almost empty again, and you realize that you are re-indulging in your fast food habits. Sure, grocery shopping is inconvenient and sometimes tedious. Sometimes it can even break the bank, depending on payday. I’ll give you that.

2. The dishes are always dirty. 

Don’t worry, every single adult reading this will probably relate to this one the most. You will REALLY relate if you start running out of clean forks because they have all been used for take-out food or Cup-O-Noodles. It doesn’t mean you are a dirty person, it just means you aren’t in the kitchen enough. Why else would you clean the dishes other than for more forks, or to make room for new dishes that you are going to dirty as you cook?

3. Your kitchen counters are empty.

This is a significant problem for me. I have recently been trying to motivate myself to be in the kitchen more often by adding some personality to it. Unfortunately, since I have rent and bills to pay, I can’t purchase everything I’d like to occupy my counter space at once. It is a work in progress. It’s hard to find inspiration to decorate the room in your apartment/condo that you spend the least time in.

4. Your pantry and fridge have expired food in them.

Don’t deny it. We have all been there. We splurge at the grocery store in hopes that it will force us to make and eat the food we have sitting in our kitchen, but low and behold, we become too busy (or tired) to get up and make food for ourselves, so we ate at work or got fast food… and that dreaded month goes by. Time snuck up on you again, slacker. See how I came up with a solution to this problem

5. When you try to cook, you have no idea what to cook.

You probably have 2 signature dishes that you can cook pretty decently. Since you only cook on occasion, only knowing 2 dishes works out perfectly. Nobody will notice that your chicken is rubbery or that you lack creativity in the mealtime department because you don’t cook enough to show it! Then, if you’re like me, when you attempt to cook for somebody for more than 2 days straight, you have to turn to Pinterest for some help.

6. Your mom always tries to send you home with some sort of food or kitchen supplies.

It’s almost a struggle to go over to your parents’ house because you know that you won’t be able to leave without having something shoved down your throat to take home with you. Whether it is cereal, paper towels or strawberries, they all mean the same thing: even your mom knows that you should probably start cooking more.