Love in Your Kitchen

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decorated Valentine’s cookies

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we either love it or dread it depending on the year. This doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with it. Whether you are a single awareness day avid, or a love and romance day avid, I have tips for you on how to have a successful February 14th.

This year is my first valentines day with my husband. In honor of starting my own family, my mom passed along her sugar cookie recipe and cookie paint recipe (lucky you! You don’t have to be family, or starting your own family to get it) so that as I spend Valentine’s Day with a family of my own, I can keep them the centerpiece of the holiday.

heart-shaped sugar cookies

There were many years that I celebrated the 14th as Singles Awareness Day. I made broken heart shaped sugar cookies and watched chick flicks (you could watch gory movies if thats more your style). If you’re in this boat, use the same sugar cookie recipe as above, but take a knife and zig-zag a cut through the middle of the heart. These are super fun if you are having an Anti-Valentine’s party too. Other years, I did dinner with friends and celebrated our friend-love. It’s always a fun excuse to get dressed up and treat yourself to a fancy dinner somewhere with people that you can laugh with, joke around with, and act like a fool with (am I the only one whose head that the song “Pants on the Ground” American Idol style pops into anytime I say fool?).

heart-shaped plates

No matter what the day means to you, decorating is always fun. Where better to start than your own kitchen? Here is a cute display my mom has out. Simple, classy, pops of color (my fav!), fun, and festive. Those heart plates you see there? Goodwill bargain at its finest. The white dishes were my great grandmother’s (there’s the class) and that big white platter is what she serves our giant turkey on every Thanksgiving.

Some other ideas (and cheap too) cut some colorful paper hearts, and make a garland, switch up your table cloth, pick some pink and red flowers, grab some sprinkles and make some cute cookies, or get some red and white or pink and white straws (or both) and set them in cute jars as part of your table centerpiece. Simplicity works and can make your kitchen feel 10x more fun, spunky, and festive. If my house wasn’t in boxes, I would have the Valentine’s fun all over my kitchen with lots of pictures for you. I promise to get them posted as soon as the boxes arrive.

We would love to see and hear what you do to celebrate February 14th no matter your style. Please share in the comments below. And remember, don’t be afraid to shake those sprinkles!

heart-shaped cookies with sprinkles