Last Minute Easter Meal Tips Make You Look Like You’ve Planned for Months

Published by Just Add Sprinkles

Did Easter sneak up on you? Maybe your Easter plans fell through like mine did. Well lucky for you we are in the same boat, so I have put together some last minute Easter eats that you can throw together, and it will seem like you have been planning for a month.

Let’s start with breakfast. In our family (as in a lot of families) the tradition was to color hard boiled eggs the night before and then hunt for both the hard boiled and the candy filled Easter eggs the next morning. We would get crazy about decorating these eggs. We are talking hours of just designing and coloring. Obviously being last minute this year, I didn’t have time for that, so I made the perfect hard boiled Easter eggs and then just dyed them. I think they turned out pretty cute. And even better, from start to finish was only about an hour including cleanup. Perfect!

Easter Eggs ready to be dyed Easter egg in blue dye

Some cute bunny pancakes and viola, breakfast is served. And it didn’t take me forever and a day to prepare. Making Easter bunny pancakesTable setting with and Easter Bunny Pancake and hard boiled eggs

Since we usually have a big Easter dinner I’m thinking a light lunch is in order.   Use some of those cute hard boiled eggs, and make some quick, simple egg salad sandwiches. Now, I know plenty of people that are not big fans of egg salad sandwiches, so any sandwich or even wrap is a quick fix. And it’s one more item off your last minute checklist.

For dinner, ham has always been our tradition. You can pick these up on the fly, and get it in the oven plenty early, even with the last minute planning. See our delicious ham recipe that Recently Empty Nested so kindly posted for all of us to enjoy. Perfect for Easter dinner!

While I was at the store to get the ham, I picked up some inexpensive, pretty flowers (3 for $12) and some jelly beans. I made this super simple springtime centerpiece. Again, quick, inexpensive, and brings the Easter feel to the table.Flowers in a vase filled with jelly beans

Jello is always a staple, so dress it up. I’ll use green jello, cut it into small squares, and place the eggs on it to look like grass. Even our quick fixes, and quick planning, can bring Easter to your home and feel like you had days of advance planning.Hard boiled eggs in Jell-o

And don’t forget about those cute Easter/Springtime cupcakes! Those are quick too!

Here at Kitchola, we love Easter time! It is full of great food and even better company— family. At Easter time believers get to reflect on the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Happy Easter to you all! Have a wonderful day filled with family, friends, love, and the spirit of the holiday. Share with us how you celebrated this special day with pictures and comments. Instagram your pictures and tag @kitcholana in your comments, share them on our Facebook wall, or leave them in the comments. Even last minute, we can share in the joy of this Easter with each other.