Cereal for Dinner? Why Not?

Published by Recently Empty Nested

We’ve All Been Here

It’s been a crazy day! Nothing has gone according to plan, and it isn’t even over yet! The homemade soup you planned on making for dinner is out of the question, but your family needs to eat something before you all head out the door in various directions! Though the drive-thru is tempting, you set the table with bowls and spoons alongside small plates and call your family for dinner. In lieu of soup you do what many mothers have done before you when in a similar pickle: you go for the cereal! You needn’t apologize. We’ve all been there even if we don’t all admit it! I however, admit it freely!

Let’s talk about this cereal for dinner thing — bad? NO! I say brilliant, but don’t stop at just cereal. Some skim or 2% milk served over a bowl of whole grain cereal is a great start to a healthy, quick dinner (much better for your family than fast food!). What’s more, the lack of required prep time still allows for family time around the table! (And talk about easy clean-up!) What would cereal for dinner look like?

Mix it Up

Try a bowl of whole grain cereal and milk, some fresh fruit, and maybe some yogurt or a turkey sausage link or 2 for protein. Voila! Dinner!

The kids think it’s great to get cereal for dinner! I wouldn’t go for the sugary, sweetened kind, but if corn flakes and Kashi are a hard sell in your house, you could try cheerios. We love the multi-grain cheerios. They still contain some sugar but nothing like those that are advertised with Saturday morning cartoons and come with a toy inside!

Serve fruit on the side or in the cereal. When I was a little girl I was not a fan of cereal because it got soggy too fast, but my mom could get me to eat it with sliced bananas or raisins on top. It was so delicious that I ate it faster than the cereal could get soggy! I have children who were suckers for this trick, too.

cereal with slices of banana

Fresh berries in cereal? Also yummers! A slice of cantaloupe or other melon alongside the bowl, or even a fruit smoothie will do the trick! I’ll admit, when I was a young mother I counted fruit juice as a serving of fruit, but I have grown older and wiser and do not suggest it these days. There are juices that claim to be 100% juice, but be aware of the sugar content. Fresh is always best!

Protein – I usually have a box of brown and serve (precooked) turkey sausage links in the freezer for moments just like this! Wrap links in a paper towel, zap in the microwave and eat!

breakfast for dinner

So there you go. Cut yourself some slack, Mom, and go for the breakfast box. It’s cereal for dinner — Mother approved!